Free Mirror With Every Fireplace Sale at GW of St.Clears

More Heat for Less Money

You could save 55% on your gas bills AND have 45% more heat this winter, by simply replacing your old gas fire with a high efficiency model. This, despite gas prices rising to unprecedented levels by 169%
since 2003, the efficiencies of gas fires have been increasing at an even faster rate!.

This means that by upgrading your old open fronted gas fire to a Gazco high efficiency glass fronted fire, you can save 57% on your gas fuel costs AND have 46% more heat!

As with any new appliance, energy efficiency as well as it’s appearance, style and use are key factors when choosing a new fire. Where possible a mixed range of fuel types should be considered within your home, this will provide you with greater heating options and enable you to make economic choice throughout the forth coming years.High efficiency gas fires from GW of St.ClearsGW of St.Clears is registered with GAS SAFE

GW of St.Clears Free Mirror with every Fireplace in June 2011

GW of St.Clears are Suppliers and iIstallers of Stovax & Gazco Fires and Stoves

Terms & Conditions for our Thank you Mirror offer

You can select a mirror of your choice up to the value of £195.00 when you purchase a complete new fireplace with GW which includes:- A Fire or stove with a wood or stone surround or back panel & hearth. In the event you prefer a less monetary value mirror, deduction will not be possible against your purchase but if the item you select is greater than our thank you offer, the extra will be chargeable. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions that are running at the same time.

This promotion is valid until the end of the month.

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