Wallpaper Trends for 2013

During the housing boom, the way we chose to decorate our homes changed dramatically. Gone were the days when we sought to infuse our homes with personality and character, instead viewing our investment as a blank canvas that needed to remain that way in order to appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers.When the market crashed, many people were forced to stay put for fear of losing money and it was at this time that we once again sought to stamp our identity on our homes and one of the easiest ways to do this was of course wallpaper.

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We continue to see more confidence with both colour and pattern,’ says Andy Greenall, Design Manager at the Little Greene Paint Company. ‘It’s something that goes hand-in-hand with a more static housing market. There is less focus on easy-selling neutral interiors and a greater level of indulgence and rooms that are (thankfully!) allowed to be more personal than the white warehouse or the beige box.’In a short time, wallpaper has regained its place in our hearts although many consumers are still approaching it with slight trepidation, opting instead for a feature wall rather than a whole room approach. Liz Cann, Design Director Zoffany & Sanderson, says: ‘Feature papers are still very strong as I think they created a completely new way of decorating – especially for younger customers – that is easy, contemporary and stamps a personality on a room in a way the 4-walls decorating doesn’t do. Many people still want their walls mostly plain and combining paint and feature wallpaper is a perfect solution.’However, as consumers are gaining confidence with their home decorating we are seeing a return to a more traditional 4-wall approach to wallpapering. Samantha Millar, PR and Advertising Manager at Osbourne & Little says: ‘The once popular ‘feature wall’ has given way to more integrated interior schemes where colour, pattern and texture all play an important part.

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For Cole & Son, however, 2013 has seen the comeback of friezes and boarders as well as a growth in Trompe l’oeil designs. ‘Friezes haven’t been in our collections for many years, but through Fornasetti II’s borders we are encouraging consumers to decorate creatively, mixing and layering wallpapers together,’ says Laura Sage, PR & Marketing Executive for Cole & Son.

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As is usually the case, technological advances have also started to push the boundaries of what is achievable in wallpaper design allowing manufacturers to be far more adventurous in what they are able to offer. ‘The wallpaper renaissance has led the way over the last few years with the development of innovative printing techniques, using metallic inks, holographic foil papers, and textured effects such as beading, to create a wonderful array of shimmering, polished and glittering surfaces,’ says Millar. ‘Their light reflective qualities are great for adding drama and glamour to a room and this is likely to be an enduring trend.

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Innovations in production techniques such as scatter and digital printing are also driving innovation at Zoffany & Sanderson. ‘Our printers, Anstey in Loughborough, are constantly developing new ideas,’says Cann.  ‘They recently introduced foil and hologram base papers which we used for Zoffany’s January collection, ‘Quartz’ and last year introduced wide width digital printing that we used for the Melissa White Verdure design that has since won plaudits from Homes & Gardens and Elle Decoration.’

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These technological advances are also allowing designers more freedom to use innovative surface effects to achieve a point of difference. Greenall says: ‘Look out for pearlescent and iridescent inks, embossing and even scattering technologies that can accurately place decorative particles on the surface of the paper.’ Digital printing too is allowing wallpaper manufacturers to explore new avenues of production providing more freedom with regards to the design of the wallpaper. Sage says: ‘We are now able to digitally print highly detailed designs giving designers the flexibility to use a limitless number of colours to produce striking vivid prints.’

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As far as colour is concerned, Millar says that earth tones are popular this spring. ‘Shades of coral, recently seen in fashion, are balanced with linen, to give them a clean, modern feel,’ she says. For Cole & Son, Sage says that greens, especially emerald green, are a focus within their collections, whilst the big colour trend that Cann sees coming through is orange and saffron although other colours are on her radar. ‘I also love the jewel colours that were much in evidence at Decorex, especially vivid emeralds, sapphire blues & turquoise,’ she says, explaining that these colours will be used as highlights rather than in big expanses.

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With so many exciting trends to choose from, we hope that you will be able to find the perfect paper to give your pad some personality this spring.

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Guest Post by Stacey Sheppard


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