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How Little Greene PAINT arrived in GW of St Clears

why Little Greene I hear you say….well, apart from it’s a pleasure to work with when applied, the tones & colours available are simply beautiful, created from organic pigments which are superb, environmentally friendly, high covering power and a long life that we have come to expected from modern day paints. The Historic Range of period paint colours are also very special, carefully researched from early Georgian period through to the late twentieth century and developed in association with English Heritage. Perfect for both period property and new architectural spaces.A little background information, why and how GW of St Clears came about working with this extraordinary British paint company, takes us back to last year.  While planning the annual pilgrimage of must attend trade shows in relation to GW’s existing product portfolio and sourcing for new, London Design Festival with Decorex is a key shows for our interior design studio & soft furnishings department. Here the best of the best strut & launch all their new designs and season collections and Little Greene Paint was no exception. With an exhibition stand made up of larger than life familiar objects, painted in fabulous uplifting colours that zinged the senses, encouraged the passing designer to step on, make contact and find out more about their unique range of intelligent paints with 15 times more strength! The stand was very busy & buzzing with excitement and so…this is how the little green ball started rolling.
In the meantime back in Wales a local and reputable interior design firm from Llandeilo was contemplating selling up and retiring. Several months further on, contact was made with Towy Interiors and too GW’s delight discovered they had a paint mixing machine dedicated to Little Greene & Sanderson Spectrum Paints, without further ado a deal was done and the Paint Machine was acquired, along with stock and all of the Fabric & Wallpaper Books, which complemented GW’s existing collections ranging from Osborne & Little, Harlequin, Sanderson, William Morris, Romo, Nina Campbell, and Cole & Son to name but a few. So that’s how Little Greene came available from GW of St Clears. When you visit the showroom you will find a beautiful Little Greene merchandising stand that can hold up to 6 of each of the144 sample pot colours, 128 individually painted & labelled colour blocks, that can be viewed in both warm and cool lighting conditions, combine this with GW’s PAINT MIXING SERVICE and an in Store Interior Designer, the whole decorating process is made very convenient and reassuring, for either when you are using this wonderful paint your self or when you use GW of St Clears Complete Interior Design & Decorating Services.Love Your Home… Love GW of St Clears.

Little Greene Paint Available From GW of ST Clears


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