Hetas Approved Installer

GW of St.Clearshave supplied & installed Wood burning and Multi Fuel stoves  for over 30 years. The wealth of knowledge and experience gained will ensure you, of making all the right choices when selecting your new solid fuel stove. Being HETAS registered which is the  trade association for solid fuel heating systems, guarantees you of  compliance with all current regulations and safety practices. Certificate of Compliance All our work come signed off with a HETAS Certificate of Compliance which importantly shows you the home owner that your installation is safe and up to current standards and also compliles with the required Building Regulations. This  can be found here at the Link to the goverment planning portal on regulation on wood burning stove Governments Planning Portal website.This is  ‘self certification’ b

GW of St.Clears as a registered installer it takes the place of a Local Authority Building Notice which could cost you as much or up to £300.y 

The information is also required to validate household insurance and will be required by Solicitors when you come to selling your home.

Failure to notify the Local Authority (the process differs in Scotland), can be an offence resulting in enforcement action being taken against the Householders and/or the installer, this could cost anything up to £5000.(Information provided by “Hetas”)

You see the Document J building regulations by click in the link.


GW of St.Clears Hetas Approved Installer
We are registered under our full company name GW Tiles, Bathrooms and Fireplaces Ltd. What are we approved for:

  •  Service and Maintenance
  • Install Wet Appliance / System
  • Install twin walled flexible flue liners
  • Install Factory Made Metal Chimney
  • Install Dry Appliance

Safety Notice” It is important to know that a wrongly installed wood-burning stove can be dangerous, you may also find out that your insurance company will not pay out. Always make sure your installer is qualified!

Not sure what you should do then contact our experts on 01994 230384 or use the lick below to send us a question.

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This Stunning Wood Burning Fire – Riva Studio Ceramica Wave – from Stovax

GW of St.Clears Stovax Riva Studio Ceramica Wave Wood burning Fire

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