Axor Starck Organic Tap Range

In September, Axor, the designer brand of Hansgrohe, which is supplied here at GW of St. Clears, presented its brand new bathroom collection at a World Premier launch event in Berlin. Designed by renowned, extrovert French designer Philippe Starck, the new Axor Starck Organic range combines unique design with a responsible way to handle water.120918_axor_aso_event_1Starck has been designing for Axor for over 20 years and with each new collection he manages to challenge established patterns of thought, behaviour and design. And the new collection is no different.Developed over a period of three years of intense collaboration between Axor and Starck, the range has a unique, organic-minimalist design that was inspired by the harmonious lines found in nature. When seeking inspiration for his new collection, Starck examined his previous designs for Axor and asked himself how he could improve on them. “I thought perhaps something was missing,” he said talking about the Axor Starck range. “Slowly I started to realize that life was missing. It was perfect, but the energy of life was missing.” Looking for ways to reinvigorate his design with this missing energy, Starck looked to plants and the human body. “There is an incredible energy in a plant and I realised this was a clue. Afterwards I went home and I saw my wife. I looked at her body and I said wow. There is nothing more elegant than her body. I thought if I can find the minimum, the essential but with the natural inspiration of the human body and the plant, perhaps we can have the final solution.” axor_starck_organic_ambience_12 The sleek design features two handles that blend in visually with the body of the mixer no matter what position they are in. The wash basin mixers also promote a more intuitive, ergonomic and economical use of water and energy. Interestingly, the water flow and temperature are controlled separately as the water is turned on and off at the end of the spout. According to Axor, this is more ergonomic because the hands are right where the water emerges and not a single drop falls where it is not needed, not even onto the mixer itself. The temperature is regulated at the top of the mixer and the user has the choice of setting it in the energy-saving cold position or at any other preferred temperature setting. axor_starck_organic_ambience_14Starck’s Organic range not only looks great, but it also incorporates all the technological know-how and innovation for which Axor has gained its well-earned reputation. As with all Axor mixers, the flow rate is considerably lower than the industry standard of 7 litres per minute. This Organic mixer however, has a flow rate of only 3.5 litres per minute thanks to the specially designed, pioneering shower spray. But if a stronger spray is required for any reason, then the flow rate can be boosted up to 5 litres per minute.axor_starck_organic_ambience_22Energy is not only saved when using the mixer, but also in the manufacturing process. The construction of the mixer allows for the walls to be cast using one third less brass therefore using far less energy to cast it than a conventionally produced model. This construction also allows for the flex of the pipes inside the mixer to go straight into the cartridge, preventing the drinking water from coming into contact with the body of the mixer, improving the quality of the drinking water. Having used the Axor Starck Organic mixer tap for a few months now, Philippe Starck is convinced that this product will be a hit. “I have been using it for two months and I can tell you that it is a new way. All other ways to use a faucet are now obsolete. That is official.” The Axor Starck Organic range, which consists of more than 40 products, is available through GW of St Clears from November.Guest Post by Stacey SheppardAll images & content are© of Axor
















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